Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer Info

1If you are getting food stamps in New York City, you are to use those food stamps to buy food or as explained to you by the welfare agency that gave you those food stamps. If you use your bought food stamps in any manner other than what was explained to you, you can be charged as having committed fraud and have criminal charges brought against you. If you are charged and are notified, don’t try to fight your criminal case alone in court. You don’t know the laws of the city of New York regarding food stamp fraud and can find yourself in serious criminal courts who won’t understand your reasoning in selling your food stamps or using them in ways other than what was made clear to you as the legal transfer of food stamps.

When you are facing criminal prosecution for the fraudulent transfer of food stamps, you need to contact a food stamp fraud lawyer who is accepted to practice food stamp fraud law in the courts in New York City. You can locate a food stamp fraud lawyer in New York by contacting your local New York City bar association or asking the courts to find one for you. You don’t have to go to court alone when charged with food stamp fraud. The City of New York has special lawyers who are accepted to practice food stamp fraud law in their courts who can help you. If you are getting food stamps, chances are probable that you do not know the law in New York City and would be in serious trouble if you tried going to court alone without legal representation.