Accused of Food Stamp Fraud? Call Today!

1Being investigated for food stamp fraud can be a harrowing experience for those involved. Luckily, this is an area that we have a lot of knowledge in, and we are here to help you if you have been accused of food stamp fraud. Our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers will fight for you to help you win your case. We will do our best to have it dismissed outright before it even goes to court, but we will continue to fight for you if it does.

There are a few types of food stamp fraud, and it’s important that we know what our clients are being charged with. One type of fraud is known as food stamp trafficking. This happens when food stamps are used in exchange for money or to buy non eligible items that can later on be sold for cash. A place of business can also commit food stamp trafficking when they accept food stamps for items that are not eligible, such as pet food or toiletry items. These types of items can then be sold for cash, which is illegal.

Another type of fraud is recipient application food stamp fraud. This occurs when the applicant knowingly alters their food stamp application in order to appear to make less money, or have less in assets, as this will increase their eligibility for food stamps. All applications must be filled out honestly and as accurately as possible in order to stay within the limits of the law. Income that is considered will include any other type of government assistance, unemployment insurance benefits, social security benefits, SSI, or any other public assistance payments. You will also need to report any income from current employment.

If you have been accused of food stamp fraud, call the food stamp fraud lawyer today so we can get working on your case fast!