Contact a Local Food Stamp Fraud Attorney

FOOD STAMPThe time that you should contact a local food stamp fraud attorney is right after you receive any type of correspondence that you are currently being investigated for food stamp fraud. This is a very serious offense, you must be careful because if you simply push this issue off to the side and deal with it when you want, you run the risk of missing the deadline and facing serious consequences. The courts will then rule in their favor and the penalty is much more severe than you might imagine.

Understanding What Happened in Your Case

The reason that you received that contact from the food stamp investigator is because they had good reason to open a claim against you. Perhaps you were reported anonymously, maybe your employer contacted the office, or maybe the computer system triggered an alert because a red flag was raised. The reasons are many, from filing a false mailing address, neglecting to include assets on your application, or claiming less income than that was actually earned. In any event, the food stamp fraud attorney is you best bet for getting this issued addressed in a timely manner for the court.

Punishments Can Be Quite Severe

The punishment if found guilty or if you neglect to respond can be very significant. On the low end, you might only lose your benefits or have the benefits lowered to match your income. On the high end, you could facing jail time for fraud, and without the right food stamp fraud attorney, you do not stand a chance in pleading your case with a judge. If you want to be able to enjoy these benefits, your food stamp fraud lawyer must skillfully convince a judge this was a one time mistake that was not going to occur again.


Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

1Food stamp fraud is a huge deal. A person can get in a lot of trouble with the federal government if they are accused of fraud. When a person is facing welfare fraud including food stamp fraud they need to contact a lawyer that specialized in these case.

If a person is being accused of food stamp fraud in New York they need to contact a lawyer for a free consultation. The lawyer will look a the client’s application to determine if they committed fraud and if they were still eligible for this type of assistance. If the person is found to be not liable than they will work hard to have the case dismissed right away. If there is some suspicion of wrong doing then the lawyer will work to lower the charges that a person is facing and reduce the risk for prosecution in both criminal or civil courts.

Common Types of Fraud
Food stamp trafficking is when a person uses their food stamp money to purchase ineligible items or they sell their food stamps for cash. A store can be guilty of this if they sell a customer items other than qualified food. If a person is caught doing this they can face some serious charges. The lawyer will also have to look at a person’s application to determine if they were even eligible to receive food stamps. They will have to see if the person lied on the application or withheld any information. This is also considered to be fraud.

Food stamp fraud is a major crime. If a person is being charged with this fraud they need to contact a food stamp fraud lawyer right away to help with federal charges.