Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

Using the food stamp program


The food stamp program is one of the single most helpful programs in the United States. People who work hard but might not get enough hours to live on are able to get the food assistance they need to continue working hard. Disabled people who simply can’t make anything at all due to disability are still be able to get the food they need. Few would argue that when used properly, the food stamp program is a worthwhile and necessary program for the less fortunate. Due to the good that the program does, the rules and regulations are enforced mightily by the government agencies that distribute their benefits.

Enforcing rules

The food stamp program is income based. That means if you make over a certain amount of money per month, you’re not going to qualify for the food stamp program. They have very precise rules that they use to calculate who qualifies and who doesn’t, so it’s essential to be honest with workers about what income exists in your household and who lives with you. Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t completely understand the regulations of the food stamp program and they may be accused of food stamp fraud. Understand that this is a very serious charge and that a food stamp lawyer should be called immediately if you are accused of this crime.

Serious consequences

At the least, you may end up owing a lot of money back to the food stamp program. At the worst, you may face time in prison. This isn’t a charge to fool around with and take on yourself. If you’re accused of food stamp fraud, immediately call a lawyer and tell them your circumstances. They can determine if they can help you with your case. Click on food stamp fraud lawyer for more information.