A Good Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer Can Prove You Told The Truth

food stamp fraudAnytime you tell an untruth, you could be guilty of fraud. Someone who applies for food stamps and is not truthful when filling out the application could definitely end up in legal trouble. What if the person did not mean to tell a mistruth? A skilled food stamp fraud lawyer is going to be needed to keep the person out of any trouble.

Mitigating Legal Factors

There are things that have to be proven (and proven beyond a reasonable doubt) to gain a conviction in a felony fraud case. For one, the statements you made have to be untrue. Just because a prosecutor claims statements are not does not make it so. Still, you have to prove the statements you made were true to the jury. This is why retaining the services of a talented attorney is an absolute must.

Also, you have to know the statements you made were false. If you really believed what you were saying way true, then you weren’t lying. An attorney with experience in food stamp fraud should be able to effectively build an effective defense that proves you believed what was stated on the application form.

Experience is the Key

As you have probably surmised by now, the key trait to look for in an attorney is experience. The attorney must have handled food stamp fraud cases in the past and handled them successfully. Specialization and experience are two key traits to have. Without them, the ability to successfully defend a client is going to prove to be extremely difficult.