Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer


Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

The basic thrust of food stamp fraud is providing negative or false information about eligibility or missing coupons – also known as “food stamp “trafficking.”

Food Stamp (SNAP) Myths And Misunderstanding!

When a family is struggling trying to make ends meet, many will often turn to and seek food stamps. The amount of stamps the applicant receives will largely depend on the family’s situation; in terms of income and dependents. However, when an applicant intentionally provides misleading personal information about the family size and/or their income, they may be guilty of food stamp fraud. If an agency believes that fraud has been committed, they have several paths available to them. One path is called a disqualification hearing where the agency must prove the person(s) actually intended to commit fraud. This is the time the person(s) should search for a food stamp fraud lawyer in order to understand their rights as they pertain to food stamp fraud and the possible penalties therein. Actually, it is possible for the agency to pursue criminal charges at the misdemeanor or felony level. Up to several years in jail and a heavy fine could also be on the table. Ergo, you can see that hiring an experienced food stamp fraud lawyer¬†should be your first move.

SNAP (Food Stamp) Myths!

#1 – People who get SNAP don’t work: Wrong. More than half of the applicants work while other participants are physically unable to work.
#2 – SNAP is a drain on taxpayers: Wrong. This program assists only low-income people.
#3 – SNAP is fife with fraud and abuse: Controlling some fraud has been successful, yet fraud is still a serious problem.
#4 – SNAP benefits go to undocumented immigrants: True. But only if they have lived in the U. S. for five years.