Why You Might Need A Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer


Why you might need a food stamp fraud lawyer

The food stamp program, which goes by the official name Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is a massive federal program that experiences billions of dollars of waste and fraud every year. Because of that, the government does not offer much leniency to those accused of food stamp fraud. If you face such an accusation, you need a food stamp fraud lawyer.

Intentional fraud
One way a person can commit food stamp fraud is by intentionally misrepresenting his or her situation to meet the qualifications. For example, a person might lie about his or her income to meet the eligibility requirements. People also lie and say they have dependent children when they really don’t. Another type of intentional fraud is selling the benefits to someone who isn’t entitled. These types of fraud are particularly galling to federal officials, and if you face such an accusation, you definitely need an attorney.

Unintentional fraud
Much of the fraud in the food stamp program is unintentional. For example, someone might meet all the qualifications to receive food stamps but later get a better job that bumps up his or her pay and makes the person ineligible for food stamps. That person may not realize he or she has lost eligibility and continue to get food stamps. The government is more lenient in such cases, but it still expects restitution to be paid for the benefits that were received. A food stamp fraud attorney can help you negotiate with the government when such a situation occurs. If you want to know more click on food stamp fraud lawyer.