Reasons Why You Might Need A Food Stamp Lawyer

1Food stamps, officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is a government program that helps the poor buy food. The program is rife with fraud, and the government prosecutes suspected cases vigorously. If you are accused of food stamp fraud, you need an attorney that specializes in the field.

Many people accused of food stamp fraud may have made an honest mistake. For instance, someone who met the income qualifications for food stamps may have gotten a raise or promotion at work that put them above the maximum amount. In that case, they could become ineligible for assistance without realizing it. IN such a case, an experienced food stamp attorney can explain the situation and negotiate a deal to pay back the assistance and avoid any criminal prosecution.

Intentional fraud
Anyone who commits intentional food stamp fraud definitely needs an attorney to represent him or her. Intentional fraud can take many forms. A person might misrepresent his or her income to qualify for food stamp assistance. Another instance of fraud that is common is continuing to receive a relative’s benefits after their death without notifying the government of the death. Still another instance of food stamp fraud is selling the benefits to someone else for cash. The government takes a dim view of all these instances and is likely to prosecute those accused of such instances of fraud to the fullest extent possible. A competent food stamp fraud lawyer can negotiate a plea in your case and help you avoid the most extreme criminal penalties.