Food Stamp Fraud Attorney


What Are Food Stamps?

For the uninformed, the issuance of food stamps by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a form of public assistance that started in the 1960s. The thrust of this handout was to help low income people and families who qualify regardless of age or race. According to the USDA over $3.5 million people currently receive help at a cost of more than $4.5 billion (that’s a B) per month. This program is wide open for fraud and those people who have learned to play the game of “fraud” have become more clever than the federal government.

What Type Of Fraud Is The Most Pervasive?

Most of the fraud is targeted at unreported income. False information about eligibility or misusing food stamp coupons is known as “trafficking.” Years ago when coupons were used fraud was like finding money in the street. These days people get what looks like a “debit card” but the fraud is still rampant. Actually, there are two kinds of fraud. A “soft’ fraud and an “outright deliberate” fraud where people play the game of “catch me in you can!”

Questions For A Fraud Attorney!

If a business owner accepts food stamps and wants to insure no employee is engaging in food stamp fraud they should contact a food stamp fraud attorney to seek information on protecting their business and ask these two questions:
* If my personal information or EBT card is stolen and used for fraud am I liable?
* What should I do if some person is engaging in food stamp fraud?