Clear Up Food Stamp Fraud Cases with a Food Stamp Lawyer

1One problem with receiving food stamps is that people receive an amount based upon their current income, and sometimes misunderstandings can come from the matter. This can result in a person being accused of food stamp fraud, and when this happens a person should contact a food stamp fraud lawyer.

Investigating one’s financial history

Nearly every case of food stamp fraud will involve a disagreement over the financial situation of the person receiving food stamps. A lawyer can look into one’s financial history in order to see if one really did deserve food stamps, and if the amount of food stamps they received was in line with their financial situation. The lawyer can document what income a person has, if they have dependents that would also need food stamps, and if a person had any kind of unreported income. The lawyer can also look at cases where a person receive back payments of food stamps, or cases where a person may have received slightly more food stamp assistance than they received.

Resolving the matter

A lawyer can then work to settle the matter in the easiest way possible. In many cases simply clearing up one’s financial situation will put the issue at rest. A lawyer can also work to have a person pay back over paid funds, and the lawyer can also show that one did not purposefully commit food stamp fraud. This may involve having one receive a lower amount of food stamp assistance, or having one negotiate so they now receive the amount of food stamps that they should.