Importance of Arranging a Lawyer Consultation at the Beginning of Food Stamp Fraud Investigation


A food stamp fraud lawyer is someone who through working with the courts attempts to put an end to food stamp fraud. Food stamp fraud can cost the government millions each year.

Food stamps are given to people who fall below a poverty level as far as income is concerned. Therefore, the majority of people whom receive benefits legitimately are in desperate need of the food stamps. However, there are people whom defraud the government and are receiving benefits in which they are not entitled.

A food stamp fraud lawyer may conduct investigations and attempt to gather evidence and proofs that would be sufficient to prove a case or cases of food stamp fraud. Once sufficient evidence is gathered the food stamp fraud lawyer would have to submit his findings to the courts in hopes enough proof exists to bring the persons involved to justice.

Any act which involves defrauding the government is a serious offense. Food stamp fraud will certainly carry jail time and possible fines. It may take a period of time once food stamp fraud is suspected to collect evidence and submit the findings to the courts.

Food stamp fraud involves an individual or individuals obtaining food stamp benefits when they are not entitled to the benefit. Certain requirements must be met to qualify for food stamp benefits.

Food stamp fraud can occur in a number of ways. Probably the most common way in which food stamp fraud occurs is when a person presents fraudulent documentation which misrepresents their income and assets. Unfortunately this can be done quite easily sometimes.

Possibly stiffer penalties and hefty fines will continue to discourage anyone considering becoming involved with food stamp fraud. The courts and the government take this kind of fraud very seriously.


Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer Representation

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When you need assistance with food for your family, you might be tempted to offer information on a food stamp application that isn’t true. If you are charged with food stamp fraud, an attorney who specializes in this area of representation can help in getting the charges and sentence reduced. The attorney can sometimes get the charges dropped if you agree to not receiving benefits for a certain period of time, and there are some states that will require you to not receive benefits for months, years or the rest of your life.

Types of Food Stamp Fraud

One of the common types of fraud is giving the wrong amount of income. Many people will state that they don’t work or that they receive an amount lower than what is earned in order to get more benefits. If you are honest with the amount that you make, then you can usually still receive benefits, especially if you have children in the home. It might not be as much as you need, but it will be something to help put food on the table instead of committing fraud.

Another way that you might commit fraud is by reporting more people living in the home. If you have children in the home, then they should be included on the application. A spouse or partner should be included as well, but the person’s income should also be reported. A situation where you might not have to list everyone is if you have a roommate and that person prepares meals separately than the rest of the family. If you have questions, it’s best to contact an attorney or a food stamp worker before submitting false information. Get in touch with a seasoned food stamp fraud lawyer to represent your case.

Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

1Food stamps, or as they are commonly called, EBT benefits, are for persons who legitimately qualify for such. They have to fill out an application, either physically or online truthfully.

But unfortunately, not everyone who applies for such benefits actually qualifies; some have made fraudulent claims, only for it to be discovered that they were not telling the truth about their financial or economic status.

On the other hand, there have been honest persons who for some reason or another who have been wrongfully accused of filing fraudulent claims. To this end, they have had to seek out legal help to help clear their good name and reputation.

To this end, they have summoned the assistance of food stamp fraud lawyer. Who are food stamp fraud lawyers? They are special lawyers that look into matters involving the alleged accusation pertaining to such. They either come to the defense of innocent victims accused of the above crime, or they may help to indict persons of such.

If you or a loved one have been accused of food stamp fraud, what can you do? You can summon the legal assistance of the above legal professionals who will defend your case in court. But in order for them to do that, you have to contact them first.

And nowadays, the best place to do that is online; this is where everyone is going when they need valuable information for whatever information they are looking for.

You can find literally dozens, if not hundreds of such lawyers in your community, who will ‘go to bat’ for you and help you successfully win your case. They want to clear your good name of any above charges of food stamp fraud so you can qualify for such benefits in the future without any obstacles.

Contact them today.

When To Contact A Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer


When To Contact A Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

They are designed to assist low-income families to make ends meet, especially in the area of nutrition. Many individuals have turned to food stamps, otherwise referred to as EBT or SNAP. There are many people in our society who are living under what is considered as the poverty line and they have come to depend on this valuable resource. Unfortunately, this kind of resource has been known to bring out the worst in some people and those results generally turn into fraud. Many people have found themselves on the wrong side of the law and they have had to contact a food stamp fraud lawyer.

Do you qualify

It is important to remember that the guidelines to apply for food stamp benefits are pretty basic. There is an extended form and you may even be asked to prove that you are who you say you are. In order to qualify for food stamp benefits you must be making less than a certain amount of money per user. This is where it can get a little tricky, especially if the income being reported is less than the actual amount being received. Some people may miss one or two sources of income and those are the ones who end up calling on a food stamp fraud lawyer.

Best defense

The fact that food stamp fraud is so prevalent simply means that the authorities are scrutinizing everything they need to. If you happen to be one of the individuals who are being investigated about your access to this valuable resource then you should immediately contact a professional food stamp fraud lawyer such as the Spodek Law Group. These are the kinds of charges that could have serious repercussions if you are found guilty. Consequences would usually include termination of benefits and more often than not, the accused will be forced to pay the money back. If you want to know more click on food stamp fraud lawyer.


Reasons Why You Might Need A Food Stamp Lawyer

1Food stamps, officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is a government program that helps the poor buy food. The program is rife with fraud, and the government prosecutes suspected cases vigorously. If you are accused of food stamp fraud, you need an attorney that specializes in the field.

Many people accused of food stamp fraud may have made an honest mistake. For instance, someone who met the income qualifications for food stamps may have gotten a raise or promotion at work that put them above the maximum amount. In that case, they could become ineligible for assistance without realizing it. IN such a case, an experienced food stamp attorney can explain the situation and negotiate a deal to pay back the assistance and avoid any criminal prosecution.

Intentional fraud
Anyone who commits intentional food stamp fraud definitely needs an attorney to represent him or her. Intentional fraud can take many forms. A person might misrepresent his or her income to qualify for food stamp assistance. Another instance of fraud that is common is continuing to receive a relative’s benefits after their death without notifying the government of the death. Still another instance of food stamp fraud is selling the benefits to someone else for cash. The government takes a dim view of all these instances and is likely to prosecute those accused of such instances of fraud to the fullest extent possible. A competent food stamp fraud lawyer can negotiate a plea in your case and help you avoid the most extreme criminal penalties.

A Good Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer Can Prove You Told The Truth

food stamp fraudAnytime you tell an untruth, you could be guilty of fraud. Someone who applies for food stamps and is not truthful when filling out the application could definitely end up in legal trouble. What if the person did not mean to tell a mistruth? A skilled food stamp fraud lawyer is going to be needed to keep the person out of any trouble.

Mitigating Legal Factors

There are things that have to be proven (and proven beyond a reasonable doubt) to gain a conviction in a felony fraud case. For one, the statements you made have to be untrue. Just because a prosecutor claims statements are not does not make it so. Still, you have to prove the statements you made were true to the jury. This is why retaining the services of a talented attorney is an absolute must.

Also, you have to know the statements you made were false. If you really believed what you were saying way true, then you weren’t lying. An attorney with experience in food stamp fraud should be able to effectively build an effective defense that proves you believed what was stated on the application form.

Experience is the Key

As you have probably surmised by now, the key trait to look for in an attorney is experience. The attorney must have handled food stamp fraud cases in the past and handled them successfully. Specialization and experience are two key traits to have. Without them, the ability to successfully defend a client is going to prove to be extremely difficult.

Food Stamp Fraud Attorney


What Are Food Stamps?

For the uninformed, the issuance of food stamps by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a form of public assistance that started in the 1960s. The thrust of this handout was to help low income people and families who qualify regardless of age or race. According to the USDA over $3.5 million people currently receive help at a cost of more than $4.5 billion (that’s a B) per month. This program is wide open for fraud and those people who have learned to play the game of “fraud” have become more clever than the federal government.

What Type Of Fraud Is The Most Pervasive?

Most of the fraud is targeted at unreported income. False information about eligibility or misusing food stamp coupons is known as “trafficking.” Years ago when coupons were used fraud was like finding money in the street. These days people get what looks like a “debit card” but the fraud is still rampant. Actually, there are two kinds of fraud. A “soft’ fraud and an “outright deliberate” fraud where people play the game of “catch me in you can!”

Questions For A Fraud Attorney!

If a business owner accepts food stamps and wants to insure no employee is engaging in food stamp fraud they should contact a food stamp fraud attorney to seek information on protecting their business and ask these two questions:
* If my personal information or EBT card is stolen and used for fraud am I liable?
* What should I do if some person is engaging in food stamp fraud?